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June is dedicated to the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

We take inspiration from St Daniel Comboni and the grand meaning he gave to the CONSECRATION to the Sacred Heart of his African Mission expecting “torrents of graces and rivers of heavenly blessings”. The following letter was written by Daniel Comboni from El Obeid, Sudan, on August 21, 1873:

“Charged with the arduous and difficult apostolate of Central Africa, the world's largest and most densely populated Mission, we are aware of the disproportionate gap between our weakness and the grandeur and importance ' of the mandate entrusted to us.
It pleased the Lord in this circumstance to inspire us to see that the surest way of achieving our desired end would be to gather ourselves, our faithful and the entire Vicariate under the protection of the most Sacred and loveable Heart of Jesus.
This Heart has never ceased to love men, but this very day continues to live on our altars, a prisoner of love and a victim of propitiation for the whole world.

Not content with this, in a famous Apparition to B. M. Marguerite Alacoque, he offered himself, palpitating with love, to remedy the evils that would be poured forth on the sinful world about to perish, with Promises of special protection for those who consecrate themselves to his worship and love.

This is why we are filled with the firm hope that in the sacred grotto of this most adorable Heart may also be reserved the treasures of grace which must determine the eternal salvation of the immense populations bowed beneath Satan's rule, and who are committed to our care.

We have resolved to come formally to the solemn Consecration of the whole of our beloved Vicariate Apostolic of Central Africa to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We trust that while this happy event will produce an increase of faith and love in all of you, it will also open up new ways of salvation for the great people, so dear to us, of the African interior, still lying in the darkness and shadow of death.

We are profoundly convinced that the most auspicious day of this solemn Consecration will mark a new era of mercy and peace for our beloved Vicariate, and that from the mysterious centre of this divine pierced Heart, torrents of graces and rivers of heavenly blessings will flow upon this great people of Central Africa so beloved by us, still tremendously burdened for so many centuries by the anathema of Ham.”

Pope Francis Missionary Intention for June

"That the personal encounter with Jesus may arouse in many young people the desire to offer their own lives in priesthood or consecrated life. " Let us pray.

Pope Francis General Intention for June

"That immigrants and refugees may find welcome and respect in the countries to which they come." Let us pray.

Prayer Intention of the Institute for June

"That by contemplating the Heart of Jesus, we may overcome our prejudices and love all without distinction. Lord hear us."

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