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February News from Around the World

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Perpetual professions: Sudan - 1, Togo - 1
Ordination to the priesthood: Eritrea - 1

Mariangela Vai, Padre Carlo Negri. Missionario Comboniano. Apostolo nel Bahr el Ghazal, ed. Fotoincisa Lodigiana, Salerano sul Lambro (LO), December 2014. Biography.

Fr. Neno Contran, Cosa hai fatto nella vita? P. Francesco Grotto, Fondazione Nigrizia Onlus, Verona, October 2014. Biographical anecdotes.

Fr. Aurelio Boscaini, Innamorato dell'Africa fino a morirne. P. Fulvio Cristoforetti, Fondazione Nigrizia Onlus, Verona, December 2014. Biography.

Fr. Guido Oliana, The Joyful Power of the Gospel. A Spirituality for the New Evangelization, Nairobi, Paulines Publications Africa 2014, 166 pages. Spirituality.


The Comboni Renewal Course 2015, which takes place at the Generalate in Rome, started on 4 January and is due to last until 31 May. There are 15 participants - 12 priests and 3Brothers - of 6 nationalities (Italian, Portuguese, Mexican, Congolese, Ecuadorian and Egyptian). The youngest participant is 58 and the eldest is 71. The programme includes visits to Verona, Limone and Assisi, and a retreat of 7 days. The Course will end with 20 days in the Holy Land.


The Priestly Ordination of Bahta Uqbaghiorghis took place on the 10th of January in Halibmentel, at the hands of the Catholic Eparch of Keren. Bahta was born in Halibmentel in 1986 and entered the Comboni seminary after grade seven in 2001. He completed all his studies and religious education in Eritrea and served briefly among the Kunama, a tribe different to his own, with a different language, customs and traditional religion. He now uses 2 liturgical rites - the Latin and the Ghe'ez rite. Due to the situation in Eritrea, Fr. Bahta cannot be assigned to service abroad.

Mgr. Menghesteab Tesfamariam, Eparch of Asmara since 2001, was appointed Eritrea's first ever Metropolitan on 19 January, 2015.


Fr. General left Rome for Ethiopia on 28 December for his first official visit to the Province and so was there in good time to celebrate the Orthodox feast of Christmas on 7 January having previously paid a courtesy visit to the Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, congratulating him on his recent appointment as Cardinal.


The 34th. African Film Festival which took place in Verona in the month of November (2014) was a resounding success. The Festival embraced a number of activities including workshops, meetings with writers, cinema debates, exhibitions, musicals entertainments and a theatre play. A good 35 films of various lengths and documentaries were shown in 20 cinemas (3 in Verona and 17 in the Provinces). There were 46 showings in schools of all types (16 in Verona and 30 in the Province). There were 40 showings for the general public in the city and the Province of Verona.


On 26 December (2014) in our parish of Nakwamekwi, in Turkana, two theology students - one Congolese and the other from Zambia - made their Perpetual Vows. A few days later, on 1 January, 2015, it was the turn of our parish of Amakuriat in West Pokot to host the ordination to the diaconate of these same two candidates at the hands of Mgr. Damiano Guzzetti, bishop of Moroto in Karamoja.

On 19 January, the Episcopal Conference of Peru awarded the Gold Medal of Saint Turibius of Mogrovejo to us, the Comboni Missionaries, for our 75 years of service to the Church of Peru.

During the Provincial Assembly in January we marked the occasion of the 60th. anniversary of the religious profession of Bro. Kuno Stösser.He first came to Peru in 1955, serving first as cook in various communities, then in charge of building including the construction of the Sanctuary of Muruhuay and the cathedral of Huánuco. Since 1984, Bro. Kuno has been the bursar at the Provincialate.

From 19 to 23 January, 2015, the formators and vocations promoters of the Provinces of the Americas and Asia held an Assembly at the Provincialate in Lima. There were 18 confreres present including the continental coordinator of the sector, the Provincial Superior, and Secretary General of Formation.

On 11 January, two faith communities in Arequipa, one dedicated to Christ the King and the other to Our Lady of Guadalupe were handed back to the Archbishop.


Our theology student Lwanga Limingere Gilingere made his final profession on 31 of December 2014 and the following day, 1 January 2015, was ordained Deacon at Holy Cross Parish, Yirol, by the Bishop of Wau. This joyful occasion was of particular importance because it took place at Holy Cross, the first mission where Daniel Comboni worked and secondly, because Lwanga's father, Cornelio, was imprisoned for 8 months in Yirol by the Anyanya One Movement, falsely accused of cooperating with the rebels. Deacon Lwanga will continue serving in Yirol until his priestly ordination in June, on the feast of the Sacred Heart.

Eleven confreres under 45 years of age held their meeting of ongoing formation in Juba from 16 to 18 January 2015.

Assistant General, Bro. Giusti and the Treasurer General visited the international scholasticate in Cape Coast, Ghana, from 23 December to 10 January and conducted a course of administration and economics for the scholastics. This was the fourth such course and followed those already held in Italy, South Africa and Kenya. On 4 January, Epiphany Sunday, three third-year scholastics - one each from Uganda, Benin and Congo - received the ministry of acolyte.

The New Year, 2015, began well with the perpetual profession of one of our Togolese candidates on Saturday, 3 January, in the chapel of the Postulancy at Adidogomé. On Saturday, 24 January, Jean Michel was ordained deacon at the hands of the Archbishop of Lomé. The celebration took place at the Comboni parish of Adidogomé, where Jean Michel is doing his missionary service.


Fr. Alfredo Mattevi (14.11.1923 - 26.12.2014)

Fr. Vittorio Marzocca (16.03.1924 - 01.01.2015)

Bro. Paolo Reniero (24.11.1927 - 13.01.2015)

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